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R9 Type+Design is an independent type foundry from Canada. We specialize in modern and contemporary typeface/font designs.

Buy Alio Text

Choose from several options of Alio™ Std fonts on an R9 Type+Design shop page


Alio™ Text



  • 500+ Glyphs (Adobe Latin 3 set and more)

  • 100+ Languages Support (most Latin-based languages)

  • Case-Sensitive punctuations

Alio Text Family

Alio Text is the workhorse of Alio family. It looks great in any size from the body copy to the display type. Alio Text features many redrawn glyphs with taller x-height and larger accents to help optimize the legibility and readability at small sizes. It also supports most Latin-based languages and even Chinese Pin-Yin. If you’re looking for a very versatile typeface that works for most occasions and applications, Alio Text is for you. (4 weights/8 font styles, 500+ glyphs each)

STANDARD LICENSES INCLUDE: 8 OTF and 8 TTF files of Alio Text Bold, Bold Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Regular, Italic, Light and Light Italic.

WEBFONT LICENSES INCLUDE: 8 WOFF, 8 WOFF2 and 8 EOT files of Alio Text Bold, Bold Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Regular, Italic, Light and Light Italic.

More Alio™ Text Buy Options


Alio Text Pairs

Just need a few pairs. Sure thing. Choose from 4 weights of Alio Text Roman and Italic pairs


Alio Text Singles

Don't need the whole family? Of course, you can buy just one. Choose from 8 styles of Alio Text.

Helpful Info

Which Licenses do I need?

That depends on how you intend to use our fonts. If you are going to use them on your computers with software, you need to purchase the Standard Licenses. If you plan to use them on the Internet for styling with CSS rule @font-face (or similar font linking methods) or viewing text lives on websites, you need to purchase the Webfont License. If you want to use our fonts for both circumstances mentioned above, you need to purchase both the Standard and Webfont Licenses. If you want to embed our fonts within software or hardware, please contact us to buy the Embedding License. For more info, please check out our Licensing Terms>

How many Licenses do I need to purchase?

The numbers of Standard or Webfont Licenses you buy depend on either the maximum numbers of computers you intend to use or font, or the maximum numbers of the total page views per month of the website you're displaying our fonts. See the table below for details:

Numbers of Standard Licenses Maximum Numbers of Allowable Computers
1 4
2 10
3 20
4 40
5 60
6 80
7 100
8 125
9 150
10 175
11 200
12 225
13 250
14 275
15 300
16 340
17 380
18 420
19 460
20 500
Numbers of Webfont Licenses Maximum Numbers of Allowable Total Page Views Per Month
1 25,000
2 50,000
3 100,000
4 200,000
5 300,000
6 400,000
7 500,000
8 650,000
9 800,000
10 1,000,000
11 2,000,000
12 3,000,000
13 4,000,000
14 5,000,000
15 6,000,000
16 7,000,000
17 8,000,000
18 9,000,000
19 10,000,000
20 12,000,000

You can buy additional Standard and Webfont Licenses at any time, which grant you more rights to use our Fonts as stated above. For licenses beyond what shown on the tables, please contact us.

For the complete Standard End-User License Agreement, click here>

For the complete Webfont End-User License Agreement, click here>