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R9 Type+Design is an independent type foundry from Canada. We specialize in modern and contemporary typeface/font designs.

Alio™ font features page from R9 Type+Design

This page shows the overview features of Alio™ Typeface (fonts) from R9 Type+Design.

Alio | Alio Text

Alio™ Features Overview

Alio. Let Your Creativity Flow.

Inspired by sleek sans serifs and flowing cursives, Alio™ features the best of both worlds. The hybrid modular design gives you tons of alternates and options to play. Just let your creativity flow and enjoy creating a broad range of styles from minimalistic modern to decorative flourish.

Alio Pro comes loaded with extensive ligatures and alternates. When combined with Alio Decor, you can let your creativity flow to the max. Together, you can create stunning flourish designs and unique type treatment to your projects. The Pro also supports most Latin-based languages. Heck, it even covers Chinese PinYin. Perfect for the logo, branding, poster, book cover, store sign, and packaging. [6 weights/12 font styles. 700+ glyphs each.] See the complete glyphs here>

Alio Decor is more than just an Alio Pro’s sidekick. You can enjoy creating flourish designs exclusively with Alio Decor. [6 weights/12 font styles, 300+ glyphs each]. See a flourish design example here>

Alio Text is the workhorse of Alio family. It looks great in any size from the body copy to the display type. Alio Text features many redrawn glyphs with taller x-height, larger accents and wider letterspacing to help optimize the legibility and readability at small sizes. It also supports most Latin-based anguages and even Chinese Pin-Yin. If you’re looking for a very versatile typeface that works for all occasions and applications, Alio Text is for you. (4 weights/8 font styles, 500+ glyphs each). See the complete glyphs here>

Alio Std features selected glyphs from Alio Pro (fewer ligatures and alternates). Perfect for web headlines and subheads, and minimalistic, modern print designs. [6 weights/12 font style, 400+ glyphs each].

Lots of Glyphs. Tons of options.
Alio Pro and Alio Std both cover beyond the Adobe Latin 3 glyph set. Alio Decor also comes with over 300 decorative elements for you to play. Check out the complete glyph set here>

Plenty of Languages Support
Alio supports most Latin-based languages from Western, Central and Eastern Europe and many others. Heck, it even covers Chinese PinYin. Check out the complete glyph set here>

Uniquely drawn yet compatible Roman and & Italic characters give you even broader range of options to play.

Kick your styles up a notch with Alio’s extensive set of ligatures.
Use them on logos, posters, packagings or even social media posts. 

We baked in some UX design.
We make sure that a wide variety of Alio Decor glyphs lines up with the cap-height, x-height, baseline, and descender height wherever possible. So you can just type, kern, and voila. 

We meant it when we told you that Alio supports most Latin-based languages.

We make designers’ lives just a bit easier.
We provide five alternates each (two for Alio Std) of the registered, trade, copyright, published, and service marks. Say goodbye to superscript and baseline shift the type.

Thanks to the Opentype features, Changing the way your type looks is a breeze with Alio fonts.

You can easily experiment with Alio’s OpenType features to achieve the looks you love. And unlike plastic surgery, it's 100% reversible.

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Alio™ Text Features


Alio™ Text – a workhorse typeface
Alio Text does not only look great as a display type, but also it has been optimized for the high legibility and readability at small sizes. The Text family features taller x-height, wider letter spacing and more pronounced accents than the Pros. We also cut down from 6 weights/12 styles to 4 weights/8 styles to maximize the weight contrasts in small type.


Whether your designs call for all caps, title case, sentence case or all lowercase, Alio Text has got you covered with the case-sensitive punctuations. No more baseline shift all your punctuations.


Alio Text packs with Open-type features. Many of which are shared with its siblings, Alio Pro. Here are a few examples, both the Text and the Pro recognize fractions vs. dates. Both features several alternate legal symbol positions (3 in Alio Text; 5 in Alio Pro).